Hug a fat


Did you know it's Hug a Fat month? Yes, that's a thing. Even if it wasn't a thing, I would still be happy to proclaim my love for KerryGold butter. Butter from grass fed cows definitely qualifies as a healthy fat. We need fat, people. Our brains and gonads are made of the stuff, and if we don't … [Continue reading]

Easy Baked Fish


Fish. It's what's for dinner, at least once a week. It's so quick, 20 minutes from fridge to table, and provides heart-health benefits and fats that growing brains need. My kids eat fish, no problem, and I'm thankful. Tuna for lunch, salmon steaks (or a Southern favorite, Salmon Croquettes - I … [Continue reading]

Let’s talk symptoms


Note: The screen of my Chromebook got busted, again, today by two girls who shall remain nameless. So until it's repaired, my posts will be … [Continue reading]

Fish Tacos

Please pardon the lateness of today's "31 days of gluten-free and family friendly" post. ┬áJosiah had his second visit at Emory University's preemie … [Continue reading]

Curried Lentils and Sweet Potatoes

Curried Lentils and Sweet Potatoes

I'm committed to sticking to a grocery budget, but every once in a while, I find myself with a few days of month left at the end of (grocery) … [Continue reading]

Leek and Potato Soup

Leek and Potato Soup (gluten free)

I love leek soup. Actually, I just love leeks, period. But leek soup especially. It reminds me of my childhood. My mom used to buy those … [Continue reading]

31 days of gluten-free and family friendly


Each day this month, I'll be sharing a gluten-free dish that my family is eating. I've experimented with a gluten-free diet for years after allergy … [Continue reading]

Shepherd’s Pie

shepherd's pie

Every time I make Shepherd's Pie, I wonder why I don't make it more often. It's got that classic meat-and-potatoes appeal, takes less than 30 … [Continue reading]

Frugal Friday: Fails and Wins


Given the excitement around here after Ruby broke her arm, had surgery to correct it, and spent a night in the hospital, not to mention that everyone … [Continue reading]

My premonition came true, sort of


Last week I feared that my preemie's sickness would land us back in the hospital, but it was my 5 year old daughter that ended up … [Continue reading]