Surviving SAD

“I write to discover what I know.” - Flannery O'Connor The same thing happens every year. In autumn my mood begins to take a sharp nosedive. I struggle to figure out why. Then, I remember and write a blog post about it. I knew as a child that I was profoundly affected by the seasons and the … [Continue reading]

A review of Money Making Mom

Crystal Paine, aka The Money Saving Mom, debuted her latest book today: Money-Making Mom: How Every Woman Can Earn More and Make a Difference. I was privileged to receive an advance review copy. As a fan of Crystal's for years now, it has been interesting to see how her message has evolved. There … [Continue reading]

$20 of Mrs. Meyer’s free, and how ePantry saves me time and money

I've written about my love for ePantry before. Anything that can save me both time and money and keep me out of stores is a huge win in my book. I … [Continue reading]

In which I have a gluten reaction and think I’m dying

This month of daily posting started strong, but my posts petered out a bit towards the end of the month. My baby had a bad night of vomiting last … [Continue reading]

Babies Can’t Wait

"Do you have any other concerns listed here, or see any resources on this page that we can help connect you with?", she asked, flipping the page … [Continue reading]



Omelets and frittatas are wonderful for using up odd bits of ingredients you have lying around. The advantage of frittatas are that they're easier to … [Continue reading]

Chorizo and peppers


Chorizo, like pork tenderloin, is another meat I had never cooked until I kept seeing it week after week at ALDI and decided to try it. The package is … [Continue reading]

Dutch baby pancake (and other GF breakfast options)


A few months ago I was talking with a friend who said she knew she had trouble with wheat and felt better when she stayed off the stuff. When I asked … [Continue reading]

Let them eat (gluten free) cake


My 10 year old daughter is fascinated by Ann Reardon's How To Cook That YouTube channel. So last night when we celebrated a family accomplishment, she … [Continue reading]

French-style chicken with peas and pancetta


Every once in a while, a girl gets a craving for breaded chicken. The other day I planned on making a recipe for dinner that I cut out of Rachel Ray's … [Continue reading]