Coming soon: The Temporary Tightwad

The Temporary Tightwad

I'm very pleased with the cover of my newest ebook. What do you think? If you're interested in reviewing this book before it's available for the general public, please go HERE and sign up! … [Continue reading]

Frugal book-loving people are the best kind of people

Several weeks ago, I requested The Tightwad Gazette (the first volume) from a PaperBackSwap member. It took a long time for her to respond to the system's prompt and confirm that she would indeed send the book. Then I got a message from her stating that the book had a few pages that were torn out … [Continue reading]

Home Alone. Only Not.

victoria 2

[This post originally published a few days after my sixth child was born. Since she turned 4 yesterday I thought I would republish it.] Dear Baby … [Continue reading]

Back-to-homeschool to-do list

I didn't post a summer bucket list this year as in years past. I've been focused on writing my new book. However, there are a couple of things I … [Continue reading]

A Day in the Life of a Frugal Lady

A Day in the Life of a Frugal Lady

[To assist the unaccustomed, an asterisk * appears next to frugal activities.] Today, two fellow frugal bloggers and I decided to write about what … [Continue reading]

5 Frugal Things

reusing Bonne maman jelly jars

The last couple of times I placed an Amazon order, I took advantage of the free "no-rush" shipping so I could have a free credit for digital … [Continue reading]

Victoria the Sage


  Inbetween using my phone to take dozens of selfies of her feet (feetsies?) and hiding in luggage, my 4 year old daughter speaks nuggets of … [Continue reading]

Down with evil laundry detergent measuring cup!


I think scalawags who make laundry detergent (and therefore, laundry detergent measuring cups) intentionally make it difficult to figure out how much … [Continue reading]

In which I forgot my goals and good habits. Oops.

I'm a huge fan of habits. I wrote a book on the topic.┬áBut lately I've totally fallen off my good habits bandwagon and feeling the ill … [Continue reading]

July budget meeting and savings update

July budget meeting and savings update

Hubby and I had our budget meeting yesterday, as we always do at the end of each month. A couple of things I've learned about budgets along the … [Continue reading]