Homeschool/Educational Freebie Pack

educents homeschool freebie

I'm partnering again with Educents to offer you guys a fun, free printable pack of educational goodies. There are math printables, reading and grammar sheets, coloring pages, fun educational activities and more. Wonderful for homeschooling families, those of you with little ones who aren't yet in … [Continue reading]

Postpartum Weight Loss (After the 7th Baby)

Postpartum weight loss after the 7th baby

Once again I find myself having to lose weight after a baby. I wrote about how I did it with the last one here, and for the most part, I'll use the same strategy. In a nutshell: Move every day (take a walk, jump on my rebounder, lift weights) Eat on a small plate No eating after supper, no … [Continue reading]

Goals Update: April 2015


When I wrote my first goals update for the year I was still stressed and ... postpartum. This month I'm doing better. I'm still far from feeling back … [Continue reading]

Review: BeliBea Nursing/Pumping bra

Belibea review: Nourish pumping bra

When I wrote this post about pumping for your preemie, I recommended that you invest in a hands-free pumping bra. Little did I know that in the mail … [Continue reading]

Introducing: Educents Marketplace

(Note: I have an affiliate relationship with Educents, but I was promoting them as a happy customer long before. I think they're a great source of … [Continue reading]

The Things That Don’t Kill Us

the things that don't kill us

I've been thinking a lot about adversity lately. This week I read the book Unbroken (likely, I'm the last person in America who didn't know it was … [Continue reading]

Pumping For Your Preemie

Pumping for your preemie in the NICU |

I started off this series on breastfeeding a preemie by talking about why doing so is so beneficial. From reading preemie parenting message forums, … [Continue reading]

Recently Read


I made a goal this year to read "fewer books, with more intention". This means that I'm hand-picking titles that really meet a current need in my … [Continue reading]

This Sucks: breastfeeding a preemie, part 1


I promised I would start a series on breastfeeding a preemie. First, I'll share why I feel this is such an important topic. Nursing a preemie has … [Continue reading]

Goals Update: March 2015

My goals for 2015 |

Wow. Unbelievable, and embarrassing to admit, that the last goals update I published here was back in June 2014. At first I couldn't remember why … [Continue reading]