Homeschool Inventory

creating a homeschool inventory

Every summer I get this feeling of panic. It only subsides when I figure out what we're doing for next year's homeschool. That's right. I can't relax and enjoy the summer, the summer free of school, until I get the school stuff out of the way. I'm not an obsessive type person, but I know … [Continue reading]

A Summer Bucket List

A Summer Bucket List @

Ah, summer. It's wonderful to feel the warm sun on my skin. We have a more relaxed schedule (homeschool's out!). Our community pool will be opening soon. Many fun possibilities. Still, it's so easy for a summer to slip by in a flash. I wanted to make sure I created some memories this year, as … [Continue reading]

No Complain Month

no complain month

A couple of months ago, I read¬†this article¬†about how complaining damages the brain. An excerpt: When we complain, our brains release stress … [Continue reading]

When Gluten Free Isn’t a Fad

My handsome son. I got his permission to post about him here.

First there's a backlash, then a backlash to the backlash. Once, wheat was considered the staff of life. But in recent years, research has been … [Continue reading]

The folly of envy

the folly of envy

A few years ago, I reconnected with an old friend on Facebook. We talked on the phone, attempting to cram nearly 20 years of history into a one-hour … [Continue reading]

When blogging is difficult

For weeks now, there have been many things I wanted to say here. My head is very loud with all the things. But when I sit down to write a post (if I … [Continue reading]

Recent Reads


Despite the fact that I set a goal to read "fewer books, with more intention", I managed to read a ton these past few weeks. Although to be fair, I … [Continue reading]

Postpartum weight loss: low carb, month 2

postpartum weight loss low carb

About 7 weeks ago I started a low-carb diet in an attempt to boost my postpartum weight loss. The first month I lost about 10 pounds, but with a … [Continue reading]

Blowing things up


We had a yard sale Friday, in support of our neighborhood, who was hosting a community-wide sale. A minimalist having a yard sale is funny. We … [Continue reading]

Homeschool/Educational Freebie Pack

educents homeschool freebie

I'm partnering again with Educents to offer you guys a fun, free printable pack of educational goodies. There are math printables, reading and … [Continue reading]